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sq 0.51.0

After yet another hiatus, sq 0.51.0 is available. This release adds basic notification functionality (Slack, HipChat). This is useful for long-running jobs. Download via

sq 0.50.3

Back in the saddle after some downtime… sq 0.50.3 is now available. Finally there’s conditional selects (basically, the SQL WHERE clause), and a number of other improvements. Download via

sq 0.32.1

sq 0.32.1 is out. There’s a bunch of additional output formats in this release: Excel, CSV, TSV, and XML. Download via

sq 0.30.0

sq 0.30.0 is done. The major new feature is the addition of the sq inspect command, which provides metadata about the datasource (schema, tables, cols, etc). Download via

sq 0.20.1

sq 0.20.1 is now available. There’s a bunch of bug fixes, but the big new feature is cross-datasource joins (you can join an Excel spreadsheet with a MySQL DB, etc.) Download via

sq 0.11.3

sq 0.11.3 is now available. This is a bug-fix release. Download via