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Return to Deutschland for JAX 2002 conference

Little bit of deja-vu. It feels like I was just in Germany speaking at a conference only recently… This time I was in Frankfurt, at JAX2002 (JAX being Java Apache XML). I gave a talk on Web Services and the WSDL Design View, seemed to go down fairly well, although one of the (German) attendees told me afterwards that he had a bit of trouble with the accent. The feeling was mutual mein Freund!

While it was not quite as much of a shindig as the .NET launch, I was given a proper welcome to Frankfurt by a few of the local attendees, apparently they were a bit taken aback that I didn’t want to be taken immediately to an Irish pub to drink Guinness. You lads have great beer we can’t get in Ireland, I will be sampling that, danke!

It doesn’t look like any of the materials from the conference are online yet, I’ll stick a link here if/when they get around to it.