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I’ve recently been using asciinema on the docs site.

I found this Hugo module that makes it trivial to integrate asciinema.

{{< asciicast src="/telescope-repo-nvim/telescope.json" poster="npt:0:04" autoPlay=true loop=true theme="nord" >}}

One minor shortcoming was that it wasn’t possible to set default values, e.g. setting theme="nord" throughout the site. One quick PR later, the author took care of that.

Very much relatedly, I wanted the Asciinema player to use the Nord theme. I ported Nord to an asciinema theme. It is mighty pretty.

asciinema Nord Theme

However, it still requires a minor bit of config to use the theme. I’ve opened an asciinema player PR to bundle the Nord theme with the player. It’s only a tiny additional bit of CSS.

UPDATE 2023-04-15: That PR was merged to asciinema, so you should shortly be able to use the Nord theme directly from the asciinema distro.